Sea Bass Recipes

Sea Bass Recipes

Sea bass is a firm, white fish with a distinct meaty flavour and texture. It can be used in all sorts of ways — think of it as a more flavourful alternative to cod. Whole sea bass is quite expensive, although buying a whole sea bass will enable you to feed a crowd with ease. Buy your sea bass from a fishmonger rather than the supermarket and they will be able to gut it, clean it and bone it if you like — they'll also scale it or remove the skin if that's what you prefer. We've got bags of recipes below for whole sea bass and sea bass fillets, from sea bass with a creamy crab and prawn sauce, to an Italian inspired baked sea bass dish with tomatoes, olives and pine nuts.

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About Sea Bass Fish:

Sea bass cooked with the bones in is generally more flavourful than sea bass cooked without the bones — that's because the bones themselves impart a lot of flavour. This can be a bit awkward for your guests, or for you, having to debone your fish before you can eat it and so you might choose to just get your fishmonger to debone your fish before you prepare it.

Because sea bass isn't a bland fish, it stands up well to flavour — whereas a more bland fish, such as pollock or cod, will get washed out by strong flavours, you can quite successfully pair sea bass with spice or heat without washing out the flavour of the fish.

We have lots of sea bass recipes above for all sorts of tastes — there's a few simple recipes, such as sea bass with a creamy lemon butter sauce and sea bass with a white wine sauce, as well as a number of sophisticated dinner party recipes, such as sea bass with fennel and sea bass with sizzled chilli, ginger, and garlic.

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